The Pacific Northwest Section of the American Water Works Association is organized in a Division structure. What does this mean? It means that all committees are now structured under a Division, which is spearheaded by a member of the PNWS-AWWA Board of Trustees. Divisions provide an opportunity for like minded committees to partner more closely on training opportunities.

Below is a list of Divisions and the Trustee liaison to that division.

Utility Operations Division

Board Member: Tonya Reiss
Board Position: Washington Trustee


Water Science Division

Board Member: Joel Cary
Board Position: Oregon/Idaho Trustee


Public Communication Division

Board Member: Jamie Porter
Board Position: OR/ID Trustee


Member Engagement Division

Board Member: Tyler Clary
Board Position: Washington Trustee

Government Relations Division

Board Member: John Roth
Board Position: Section Past Chair


Internal Communications Division

Board Member: Libby Barg Bakke
Board Position: Trustee At-Large


Philanthropy Division

Board Member: Nick Belmont
Board Position: Trustee At Large