Here are PNWS-AWWA’s governing documents, provided to help members understand the Section’s history, organization and the responsibilities of the Governing Board and committees. The Bylaws are the Section’s “constitution”. The Strategic Plan identifies the organization’s vision for the future, its goals and objectives. The Rules of Procedure identifies the Section’s structure, organization and procedures.

Section Vision Statement

  • Be the Pacific Northwest’s trusted resource for water professionals

Section Mission

  • Foster a network of professionals to provide opportunities and leadership to the water industry in the Pacific Northwest

Strategic Objectives

  • Member Engagement / Education and Training
    • Subsection & Committee Outreach
    • Training and Education Throughout the Section
    • Introduce students & new professionals to PNWS
    • Retain & grow membership through engagement
  •  Organizational Stewardship
    • Effectively communicate policy & process to members
    • Provide financial accountability
    • Define roles & responsibilities for Committees, Subsections & the Board
  • Advocacy and Philanthropy
    • Support all philanthropic efforts
    • Increase involvement with the Association
    • Review & advocate on topics that Impacts our members