The PNWS Scholarship Committee awards scholarships annually to university and community college students to assist them in completing degree programs in fields of study relevant to future work in the drinking water profession. The committee works closely with the Education and Training Endowment Fund Board of Directors to implement the Section’s scholarship program. The committee’s responsibilities include developing scholarship award criteria, disseminating applications to northwest educational institutions, nominating student applicants for scholarship awards, and presenting awards to recipients at the PNWS Annual Conference.


The Section currently offers thirteen named scholarships, listed below.Scholarship amounts vary by year based onEducation and Training Endowment Fund performance and budget decisions by the Section Board. This year the Section provided a total of $42,300 in scholarship funds to eleven students.

  • Archie Rice Memorial – Archie Rice served as Section Chair, received the George Warren Fuller Award, and earned the Golden Water Drop Award for 50 years of service to the AWWA. Archie was one of the original “front-line” guys at CH2M Hill Engineers.
  • Cynthia Driscoll Memorial – Cynthia Driscoll served the water utility industry as a spokesperson that managed her utility effectively, served on numerous state committees, and provided leadership to the Section.   Cynthia’s courage and commitment to drinking water was evident as she spent the last year of her life dedicated to the Section’s success in her role as Section Chair.
  • Legacy Memorial – The Legacy Scholarship honors a number of individuals dear to the section. These individuals have had money donated toward a perpetual scholarship, but have yet to reach the threshold to have a single scholarship in their name. This list includes (alphabetically)  Al Chevez, Katherine Goodman,  Henry Grycko,  Roger James,  Kathy Merry, Fred Merryfield,  Clayton Michael, Chuck Moore,  William Mullen,  Drew Seibel  and  Marlene Stiles.
  • Pettie/Stiles Memorial – Ray Pettie and Bob Stiles set the stage for cross-connection control and backflow prevention training in our region. They were the prime movers for the famed “yellow manual” which has been used as a model for many of the nation’s cross connection control programs.
  • Alan Jones Memorial – Alan Jones was the General Manager of McMinnville Power and Light for decades, but professionally he favored water.   He served as Section Chair and was a George Warren Fuller awardee.
  • Jim Doane Family – Jim Doane worked as an Engineer for the Portland Water Bureau for 27 years including being their chief engineer.   Jim continues his involvement with drinking water by serving as a commissioner at Tualatin Valley Water District.   Jim received AWWA’s Distinguished Public Service award in 2013.
  • Bob Wubbena Family – Bob Wubbena’s sustaining efforts supported not only our section, but also the national AWWA and Water for People.   Bob is a Life Member and Honorary member of the AWWA, served as Section Chair and AWWA President. His recognitions include the George Warren Fuller Award, Outstanding Service to AWWA Award and Distinguished Public Service Awards.
  • Northwest Washington Subsection – Subsections are the backbone of the Section. The Northwest Washington Subsection stands out as a supporter of the next wave of water professionals.
  • RH2 Engineering – The RH2 Engineering scholarship is representative of the firm’s generosity and support of the Pacific Northwest Section.
  • Past Chairs Committee – The Past Chairs scholarship honors all past Section Chairs.
  • Southern Oregon Subsection – Subsections are the backbone of the Section. The Southern Oregon Subsection stands out as a supporter of the next wave of water professionals.
  • Al Alsing – Al Alsing served the City of Ashland, Oregon for 36 years, starting as Assistant City Engineer and Water Superintendent.  As Director of Public Works, he supervised and managed many infrastructure improvements still in service today.   Al was an active volunteer and leader in his community, and served as an AWWA National Director.
  • Chris Uber – Chris was extremely dedicated to AWWA; Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc.; his clients; and especially, his family. He was an optimistic, service-oriented, humble engineer, and a great and loyal friend. Through his charisma and enthusiasm, Chris encouraged and motivated his peers and friends to achieve their potential. Throughout the industry and among friends, Chris was widely known and admired for his compassion and generosity, and for his unique and infectious sense of humor. He served as a role model for many.
  • Southwest Idaho Subsection – Subsections are the backbone of the Section. The Southwest Idaho Subsection stands out as a supporter of the next wave of water professionals.
  • Inland Empire Subsection – Subsections are the backbone of the Section. The Inland Empire Subsections stands out as a supporter of the next wave of water professionals.

The Section receives additional generous support from Kelman Publishing and the NW Washington Subsection.

The Section also offers the One AWWA Operator Scholarship jointly sponsored by AWWA and the PNWS Section. This scholarship is for applicants who are a current water operator or seeking to enter the operator profession. Applicants must be pursuing an Operator’s License or Certification, a two or four-year degree related to the water operator profession, or professional development.

To Apply

Students in relevant degree programs, including PNWS members and their families are encouraged to apply. Relevant fields of study include engineering, water resources, water or environmental technology, public administration, and environmental health. Students must be engaged in community college work, the second year or above of undergraduate work, or graduate work leading to a degree in a relevant field.

Selection criteria include

  • Grade point average and course content
  • Involvement and leadership in professional or scholastic associations
  • Industry related work experience, internships, and certifications
  • Educational goals
  • Career goals and relevant experience
  • Efforts to support personal education

Applications are completed online via the link below.  Applications are accepted while the link below is active, generally January through February of each calendar year. Notice of scholarship awards will be the first couple of weeks in April and are presented at the Section Annual Conference. Funds are distributed to the financial aid office of the student’s educational institution in mid summer for use during the subsequent academic year.

The 2019 Scholarship application period is open and will close on March 8, 2019.

If you have questions, please contact the Scholarship Committee Co-Chair listed below.

Cory Baune 

You may make a donation to any of the specific scholarships, or to the general PNWS-AWWA fund. Your contribution will ensure these scholarships always have the means to continue providing much-needed funds to worthy college students entering the water works profession.


AWWA also awards 15 scholarships annually from our headquarters office in Denver, CO.  They post new application forms every summer. AWWA also provides an annual Academic Achievement Award.  Click the link to learn more about these additional Scholarship Opportunities.