Welcome to the Engineering Committee

The Pacific Northwest Section (PNWS) of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) plays an important role in promoting public awareness of water infrastructure and supporting the technical and facility management needs of its members throughout western Idaho, Oregon and Washington. An integral part of the PNWS-AWWA, the Engineering Committee (EC) focuses in terms of knowledge, practices, people and procedures on the advances in planning, design, and delivery of water supply, infrastructure and treatment projects. The EC aligns with the Engineering and Construction Division of the Technical and Education Council of AWWA.

In carrying out its mission, the EC concentrates on education, training, and promotion of engineering through:

  • Annual conference technical sessions
  • Annual conference, jointly sponsored, pre-conference work sessions
  • Annual Excellence in Engineering awards
  • Engineers Week activity participation
  • Technical presentation and training at subsection schools and short schools
  • Training sessions throughout the year
  • Conducting tours of water infrastructure and construction sites

Officer Members

Joelle Bennett


Tualatin Valley Water District


Nick Augustus

Vice Chair

Tualatin Valley Water District


Taylor Stockton


RH2 Engineering


Doug Schlepp

Board Contact

RH2 Engineering


Excellence in Engineering Awards Call For Entries

Got an excellent project you want to show off? The call for entries for Excellence in Engineering Awards is open through mid-January. Don’t miss out! These awards recognize excellence in engineering for water supply, treatment, or conveyance projects. Persons, agencies, consultants, contractors, and water utilities who have recently or will soon be completing a project in Idaho, Oregon or Washington may apply. Please feel free to nominate one of your Projects or someone else’s that you feel is deserving of an Award.

Categories: Projects may be submitted in the “Large Project” (>$5M construction), “Small Project” (<$5M construction), or “Engineering Planning” project categories.

Electronic nominations are limited to a 3-page project narrative providing a brief description of the project and why it demonstrates “Excellence in Engineering” with the opportunity to submit additional supporting material as applicants see fit.

The Committee will be looking for outstanding water-related engineering projects which have shown:

  • Incorporation of innovative technologies or approaches
  • Difficulty of the challenges overcome
  • Inclusion of sustainability elements (includes resource sustainability or cost effectiveness)
  • Considerations for system or project resilience (seismic, flood, system redundancy, etc.)

Entry deadline: January 14, 2022.

More info and online submission form: 2022 Excellence in Engineering Awards (constantcontact.com)

If you have any questions, please contact Nick Robertson at nrobertson@dowl.com or (503) 701-8650 for more details.