Welcome to the Engineering Committee

The Pacific Northwest Section (PNWS) of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) plays an important role in promoting public awareness of water infrastructure and supporting the technical and facility management needs of its members throughout western Idaho, Oregon and Washington. An integral part of the PNWS-AWWA, the Engineering Committee (EC) focuses in terms of knowledge, practices, people and procedures on the advances in planning, design, and delivery of water supply, infrastructure and treatment projects. The EC aligns with the Engineering and Construction Division of the Technical and Education Council of AWWA.

In carrying out its mission, the EC concentrates on education, training, and promotion of engineering through:

  • Annual conference technical sessions
  • Annual conference, jointly sponsored, pre-conference work sessions
  • Annual Excellence in Engineering awards
  • Engineers Week activity participation
  • Technical presentation and training at subsection schools and short schools
  • Training sessions throughout the year
  • Conducting tours of water infrastructure and construction sites

Officer Members

Taylor Stockton


RH2 Engineering


Greg Loscher

Vice Chair

Bowen, Collins and Associates


Dan Shafar




Brian Wilson

Board Contact

City of Vancouver


Committee Meetings Schedule

If you have an idea for engineering-related learning or industry collaboration, please reach out to one of the officers directly, or join our next meeting to discuss the idea and hear about other learning opportunities in process. Our monthly meetings occur the first Wednesday of each month, Noon – 1 PM over Teams. Any officer can forward you the invite.


2024 Excellence in Engineering  – Call for Entries

The Engineering Committee has opened the call for entries for the 2024 Excellence in Engineering Awards. These awards recognize excellence in engineering for water supply, treatment, and conveyance projects. Agencies, consultants, contractors, and water utilities who have recently or will be completing a water supply, treatment, or conveyance project for a water supply utility or agency in Idaho, Oregon or Washington may apply.

Categories. Projects may be submitted in the “Large Project” (>$5M construction), “Small Project” (<$5M construction) or “Planning” categories.

Streamlined Application Process. Electronic nominations will be limited to a 3-page project narrative providing a brief description of the project and why it demonstrates “Excellence in Engineering” with the opportunity to submit optional supporting material as applicants see fit.

To be considered for the 2024 Awards, the Committee will be looking for outstanding water-related engineering projects which have shown:

  • Innovative technologies or approaches
  • Difficult challenges that were overcome
  • Sustainability (resource sustainability or cost effectiveness)
  • System or project resiliency considerations (e.g. seismic, flood, system redundancy)

Please feel free to nominate one of your projects or someone else’s that you feel is deserving of an award.  Additional information and the nomination form can be accessed using the link below.  Deadline for submittals is February 17, 2024.

2024 Excellence in Engineering


Flip-Flap, Modulate and Burp! Specialty Valve Training

March 19

0.5 CEUs Water and Wastewater – Oregon and Washington

$100 member price

City of Tualatin Public Works Facility
18880 SW Martinazzi Ave
Tualatin, OR 97062

Engineers and operators alike will learn about “specialty” valves which include hydraulic control valves, air valves, and check valves. This discussion begins with basic hydraulics and how hydraulics automatically operate control valves to manage system pressure, flow, reservoir levels, and pumps. The 3-hour hands-on session on control valves will demonstrate valve and pilot internals, sizing, design, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Some attendees will have the opportunity to start-up, operate, and shut down a valve under live pressure!

The additional 2-hours will focus on check and air valves and how they are critical to a functionuing water distribution system. This section will highlight six different check valves, selection and function. This will include education on “slamming” and preventing it. Further discussion will include the problem of air in the system, why air must be eliminated regularly, how air valves work, and selection of air valves. Live models of both air and check valves will be present for engineers and operators to see how these valves operate in water systems.

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