Section Quarterly Trainings

The 2021 Section Conference Has Gone Virtual!

The 2021 Section Conference is now a QUARTERLY virtual format. Registration is now open for our 2nd and 3rd quarter trainings.

0.6 CEUs  (OR, WA, ID) Full Day – One CEU equals one professional hour.

0.3 CEUs  (OR, WA, ID) Half Day – One CEU equals one professional hour.

  • Quarterly training – Mark Your Calendars Now for:
    • February 25Resilience Strategies: Will cover the American Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA) risk assessment and emergency response plan tools, and a case study on a small utility incorporating their 2004 vulnerability assessment into the 2018 requirements. Other presentations will cover energy use, resiliency in water resources, treatment, and the distribution system.
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    • May 20 – Regulatory Rodeo: Will include a 5-year look at RTCR assessments; cover updates to the NSF 61 standards that impact coating systems; updates to the Lead and Copper Rule and routine monitoring; corrosion control treatment and required monitoring; PFAS technologies; cross connection control regulations and a case study of response to a system contamination; using data and machine learning to improve regulatory compliance.  (Registration will close on May 14.)
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    • August 12Bull Run Projects and Willamette Water Supply Projects: Will cover several sub-projects of two major water supply projects.  Portland’s Bull Run presentations will include a project overview; communications strategies; pilot treatment plant findings; a preliminary plant design update; and preparing the distribution system for the conversion to a filtered supply.  Topics from the Willamette Water Supply project include a six-years-in update on the project; how lessons from the Tohoku earthquake were applied; and an evaluation of risk factors for integrating a new supply.  There will also be a piece on applying lessons from mega-projects to midi-, mini- and micro-projects.  (Registration will close on August 6.)
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    • October 28 – Asset and Data Management: Will cover asset management, including using analytics to make maintenance decisions, developing an asset management system for a new water supply system; maintaining distribution system piping; and updating pressure zones.  The data management topics include building a data strategy for a utility; preparing an organization to move to digital water; managing and optimizing data and machine learning to improve system operation; and planning for the future.  (Registration will close on October 22.)
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