Welcome to the Oregon Water Utility Council

Mission Statement

The Oregon Water Utility Council is made of water utilities large and small from across the state of Oregon and is a committee of the Pacific Northwest Section of AWWA.

The OWUC was organized in 1988 by folks in the water industry that were concerned with the number of proposed laws and regulations drafted each year that could place tremendous constraints on our industry. Many of these individuals were spending long hours trying to inform legislators and congressional representatives of the importance of water related issues. It did not take long for these individuals to learn that a joint effort could cover a lot more territory than they had been doing individually.

The mission of OWUC is to promote and monitor legislation, public policies, and regulations that will ensure our communities are provided drinking water of highest quality and sufficient quantities at a reasonable cost.

The overall purpose of this committee is to monitor legislation as it affects water utilities in Oregon and keep members informed. The legislative activities are closely coordinated with policies of the AWWA when applicable.

How to Get Involved

OWUC is always looking for motivated individuals and utilities to join the committee.

Dues for the committee are based on utility size and are used to hire technical specialists or coordinate with our association lobbyists to help communicate our issues.

The committee typically meets on the fourth Thursday of the month from 10 – 1pm and the location rotates between Eugene, Salem, Medford and Bend. For more information about our next meeting contact the committee chair.

Why You Should Join

OWUC provides its members with the ability to network with other water utilities of all sizes. It also monitors potential legislation and regulations that could impact the water industry giving members the ability to help shape these kinds of issues.

By joining OWUC you will help facilitate a coordinated effort by water utilities to communicate about the importance of water-related issues to state officials as well as help promote public awareness of the important issues and challenges facing the water industry today.


Officer Members

Kari Duncan


Rockwood Water District


Adam Denlinger

Vice Chair

Seal Rock Water Distict


Michelle Cheek

Board Contact

Portland Water Bureau