We love them! In fact we could not provide the hundreds of training and networking events for our members annually without the support from people like you! You may have attended a few of our trainings and/or events and met some great people, fun people… folks like you. You may have enjoyed yourself so much that you’re considering volunteering, but you don’t know where to start.

Volunteering for the Pacific Northwest Section of the American Water Works Association is as simple as these few steps:

Step 1

Become an AWWA Member – We are a membership association. When you join AWWA you become a member of our Section. Membership can be at the individual level or at the utility level. Members receive discounted training and access to industry leaders. Members receive industry publications from AWWA as well as the monthly Section E-newsletter keeping you up-to-date on all the trainings and networking events going on throughout our region.

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Step 2

Join Your Subsection – Our Pacific Northwest Section provides all of the association trainings and activities within the states of Oregon, Washington and a portion of Idaho. To provide more close to home/regional opportunities for our members we have created 12 subsections. Subsections are a great place to meet your local water professionals, get your CEUs and have fun within a few miles of your home and/or office. These 12 subsections have their own officers that manage the day to day activities of their regional area. On our subsection webpage you will find a listing of our subsections and their current officers. Reach out to your regional officers and let them know you want to get involved!

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Join A Section Committee – Committees are made up of members throughout our Section who have an interest in a specific area. The Section has over 40 committees with their own officers who manage the day to day activities of that committee. Committees tend to meet via conference call or video conferencing as well as annually at our Section Conference. If you have a passion or interest in a specific area of the water industry committees are a great place to get involved. Check out our committee web page and contact a committee officer and let them know you want to get involved!

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Commit Your Time – The great thing about having so many volunteers throughout our region is that you can do as little or as much as you would like. Perhaps you only have the time to offer just an hour or so a week – wonderful! We have opportunities for you. Start small and volunteer when and where you can. Meet people, expand your network and watch your career grow. When you are ready to take on more just let your subsection or committee officer know. Who knows…..in just a short while you might even be interested in stepping up to a leadership position within your subsection or the Section.

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