Welcome to the Utility Management Committee

Our membership is about 80 strong, a mix of utilities, consultants and suppliers personnel.

We have two sub groups working in association with the Utility Management Committee: Women in Leadership and Elected Officials.

Management at any level in a water utility is a significant responsibility requiring a complex set of skills and abilities.

Whether a member is a seasoned veteran or an enthusiastic new comer, the committee seeks to identify ways in which it can assist any member in improving their management skills and expanding their personal knowledge base.

In the effort to provide a sound foundation for the management of tomorrow’s businesses the Utility Management Committee wishes to provide and promote managerial training opportunities, interaction and fellowship with like minded organizations and people.

The Committee is committed to providing opportunities for knowledge and best practices techniques for effective utility management.

If you or anyone in your organization has a particular topic that they would like the committee to consider for training, please contact one of the committee officers.

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Officer Members

Kim Reid




Ann Hajnosz

Vice Chair

Harris & Associates


Katy Isaksen

Women in Leadership Co - Chair

Katy Isaksen & Associates


Lara Kammereck

Women in Leadership Co - Chair



Erika Schuyler

2021 WIL Symposium Lead



Doug Schlepp

Board Contact

RH2 Engineering


Financial and Workforce Sustainability

January 27, 2022

We have a full day training event planned in Vancouver, WA.  Learn about how other utilities have handled a number of different topics, lessons learned and what we should be planning for in our own organizations.  

We are pleased to announce the following speakers for our event include:

  • Karyn Johnson, Harris & Associates, WA 
  • Chris Malone, City of Vancouver, WA
  • Kari Duncan & Daniel Zimmerman, Rockwood Water PUD, OR 
  • Chris Guest, Covington Water District and  Nash Consulting, WA
  • Mike Grimm, West Slope Water District, OR 
  • Chris Wilson, Joint Water Commission, OR and Rania Ayoub, City of Hillsboro, OR

0.6 CEUs for Oregon State Drinking Water

0.6 CEUs for Washington State Drinking Water

 CEUs for Wastewater in both Oregon and Washington  pending

Training Agenda and To Register Click Here!