Official Documents

Here are PNWS-AWWA's governing documents, provided to help members understand the Section's history, organization and the responsibilities of the Governing Board and committees. The Bylaws are the Section's "constitution". The Strategic Plan identifies the organization's vision for the future, its goals and objectives. The Rules of Procedure identifies the Section's structure, organization and procedures.

Articles of incorporation


Rules of Procedure

2012 Strategic Objectives

  • This strategic plan of the Pacific Northwest Section of the American Water Works Association (PNWS-AWWA) is intended to provide direction for the Section over the next 3-5 years. It should provide guidance to the Board, Section Committees and Subsections as they prepare their self-appraisals, action plans, and budgets for the coming years.

PNWS Affiliation Agreement

Vision & Missions Statement

Affiliation Agreement Signature Page

Conflict of Interest Policy

Code of Practice

Fundraising Policy

AWWA - PNWS Org Chart

Trustee Pledge of Conduct


Financial Process and Internal Controls Policy