2017 PNWS-AWWA Conference Is May 3-5 in Kennewick, WA 2017 Section Conference Tradeshow 2017 Section Conference Become a Professional Operator

2017 PNWS-AWWA Conference Is May 3-5 in Kennewick, WA

Our annual section conference is jam-packed with opportunities to network, learn from waterworks industry leaders, and even play a little golf.
Online registration is now open!

2017 Section Conference Tradeshow

Don't miss the 100+ booth Vendor Tradeshow at the Section Conference!  Registration is now open!

2017 Section Conference

Don't miss the Tapping, Meter Madness, Top Ops and Best Tasting Water finals at the Section Conference! Registration is now open!

It’s easy to take water for granted,
but clean, fresh water is essential to our survival.

We need clean water to drink, cook and clean. We need it for sanitation, fire protection, and irrigation. The members of the Pacific Northwest Section of the American Water Works Association are the stewards and protectors of our water.

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