Pipe Tapping

Scheduled for Wednesday, April 27 – Pipe Tapping is a high-energy contest involving a race against time to drill into a cement-lined, ductile iron pipe and install a tap.  Contact PNWS Tapping Coordinator Loren Searl if you are interested in competing.

Hydrant Hysteria

Scheduled for Wednesday, April 27 – This competition pits two person teams against the clock to assemble a fire hydrant.  You won’t believe how fast this can be done.   Interested in competing in this contest – contact Pat Everham the PNWS Hydrant Hysteria Coordinator.

Meter Madness

Scheduled for Wednesday, April 27 – The fast-paced Meter Madness contest pits competitors against the clock to assemble a water meter from a bucket of parts.  Interested in competing in this contest – contact Gerald Arrendondo the PNWS Meter Madness Coordinator.

Best Tasting Water

Scheduled for Wednesday, April 27  – Each year winners of the PNWS Subsection taste tests compete at the Section Conference for a chance to enter the Best Tasting Water Contest at AWWA’s Annual Conference and Exposition. Don’t miss this exciting contest! Questions – contact Kay Rottell the PNWS Water Quality Committee Chair.

Gimmicks and Gadgets

Scheduled Thursday afternoon as a technical session – CEU’s available. If that whatchamacallit you invented is saving your utility time and money, it could earn you a little pocket change as well as recognition among your peers. Everyone is invited to submit items they have invented to make their life at work a little easier. Section winners receive free or discounted conference registration for the 2023 Section Conference in Kennewick as well as a chance to compete for cash at the national level. Questions – contact Mike McClenathan the PNWS Gimmicks and Gadgets Coordinator.

Top Ops

Scheduled for Thursday afternoon as a technical session – CEU’s available. The challenging Top Ops contest tests the everyday know-how of water treatment operators in a “college bowl” format.  Questions regarding Top Ops should be directed to Bill Reynolds the PNWS Top Ops Coordinator.

Fresh Ideas Poster Contest

Scheduled for Thursday, April 28 – The Fresh Idea Poster Contest is open to all college students to compete for a all expense paid trip to Orlando and ACE20! Student posters will be judged on four criteria: Technical Content, Benefit to the Drinking Water Industry, Oral Presentation of the Poster and Organization and Presentation of the Poster. Student presenters must be registered to attend the PNWS Conference. Registration for students is just $50 for AWWA members, $100 for non-members (which includes a AWWA membership). Scholarships are available!