Tribal Community Wastewater Technical Assistance Circuit Rider

Evergreen Rural Water of Washington
Shelton, Washington
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Evergreen Rural Water of Washington, a non-profit association, EOE, is seeking a Full-Time Wastewater Circuit Rider. This position will be working specifically with Native American Tribal Communities throughout the state.

The primary goal of this wastewater circuit rider is to assist tribes in securing sustainable water quality for the future by improving wastewater systems’ management, operation, maintenance, and sustainability. You may help in the planning, developing and acquisition of finance/funding to help improve water quality and maintain compliance for those tribes that you are working with. This position will create both community action plan assessments and strategic wastewater action plans.

This position requires travel throughout Washington State. You will use your personal vehicle and will be reimbursed for mileage. This position works closely with EPA Region 10 and Indian Health Services.

Salary & Benefits: Starting salary $60k-$70k depending on experience and qualifications. Medical, dental and vision insurance benefits. Ten (10) paid holidays plus three (3) floating holidays each year. Vacation and 401k participation after one year. Accrued sick leave.


Minimum Requirements

  1. Five years’ experience in operating and/or managing a community water system.
  2. Minimum Certification in Washington State of WWTPO II
  3. Applicant must have reliable transportation and possess a valid Washington State driver’s license (with proper insurance coverage) as this position involves travel and some overnight stays.
  4. Good communication skills, both verbal and written with all personnel levels (operators to mayors).
  5.  A well-rounded technical knowledge of rural and small system needs and methods of meeting those needs.
  6. Knowledge of the financial, managerial, and operational characteristics of effectively run utility systems.
  7. Knowledge and understanding of regulations, monitoring, and reporting requirements.

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