Operations Manager

Olympic View Water and Sewer District
8128 228th St SW, Edmonds, WA
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Position:  Operations Manager


Section:  Management


Salary Range: $100,000 - $130,000 DOQ



This position is responsible to assist the District Manager by providing management of water distribution, water treatment and wastewater collections field operations activities, field related capital improvement plan development and implementation, fleet and facilities maintenance, and the development review and permitting process.  This position is responsible for the direct management of the technical and field activities and will participate in the District Manager’s Management Team comprised of the District Manager, the Administration Services Manager and the Operations Manager. This position is subject to 24-hour call out.



Employees work in a team environment in order to accomplish their mission, goals and commitment to customer service.  Standards for team and customer service have been established to ensure both internal and external commitment to customer support.

The Operations Manager will provide in-house expertise and oversight of District maintenance and operations and will deal with consulting engineers, contractors, other public and private agencies, the general public and in-house staff.  The Operations Manager will have frequent contact, as much as daily with field crew staff, office staff, the District Manager and District Commissioners.  The Operations Manager will directly supervise all field personnel.


The specific statements shown for each task are not intended to be all inclusive.  They represent minimal essential elements and criteria considered necessary to successfully perform the job.

  • Plans, organizes and supports the activities of the District field crew activities, working directly with the all field operations and maintenance personnel as necessary.
  • Supervises, selects, trains and motivates assigned staff; regularly reviews and evaluates work methods and procedures; identifies and resolves staff problems and corrects deficiencies.
  • Manage projects such as capital improvement projects including construction of infrastructure such as pipelines, pumps, reservoir improvements, lift station and other water and wastewater components.
  • Manage development review and permitting functions including technical review of developer extension requirements and related improvements.
  • Work with the Management Team to cooperatively develop and manage the maintenance and operations annual operating budget and the 5 year Capital Budget.
  • Prepare staff reports, memoranda, letters, and performance evaluations.
  • Develop and make presentations to various groups including other public agencies, the general public and the Board of Commissioners on various topics including monthly project status reports and other issues of importance to the District.
  • Management and oversight of the District’s SCADA system.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the General Manager.


The Operations Manager is accountable for the overall operations, quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the work of all assigned staff including water quality compliance, permitting and development review and field maintenance and operations.


The Operations Manager generally works in an office, however will be required to work in the field as necessary to perform the essential functions of the position.  In the office the Operations Manager will meet with staff, customers, consultants or representatives from other public agencies.  In the field, the Operations Manager will meet with the field crews, contactors, consultants or District customers.


Work may involve considerable sitting when in the office and considerable walking, climbing or working around construction and maintenance sites when in the field.  This is generally an administrative management position but the successful applicant will be comfortable both in the field and in the office.

The Operations Manager is required to respond to emergencies outside normal hours.  In addition, the Operations Manager is required to attend Board of Commissioner meetings currently scheduled at 5:30PM on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month and other meetings as scheduled during or outside normal working hours.


The Operations Manager will have knowledge, skills and ability in the following:

  • Principles, practices, materials and operating procedures pertinent to the design, operations and maintenance of water treatment plants, water distribution systems and wastewater collections systems.
  • Principles and practices in managing fleet and facilities.
  • Principles and practices of managing a SCADA system.
  • Water and wastewater system regulatory requirements imposed by federal, state or local agencies;
  • Supervision and personnel management practices.
  • Personnel relations, diplomacy, and maintaining a harassment-free working environment;
  • Ability to manage organizational change including training and educating others;
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills. Must be able to prepare letters, reports and other written documents;
  • Knowledge of water and wastewater utility safety regulations and requirements.


The Operations Manager must have the following education and experience;

  • High School Diploma with at least two years of additional coursework in management, business, finance, sciences, engineering and/or chemistry.
  • Ten years experience in an environment providing knowledge of all phases of water works, construction, wastewater, water treatment and system maintenance, with five years being in a progressively responsible supervisory position providing leadership, guidance and training in the utility or construction industry;
  • Strong supervisor, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Must have sufficient work experience to accomplish all elements of the


  • Washington State Drivers License
  • Certification as a WDM 3 is required within one year from the date of hire.
  • Certification as a WTPO 2 is required within two years from the date of hire.
  • Certification as a WWSC 2 is required within one year from the date of hire.

Please send resume to kellyb@ovwater.com or see olympicviewwater.com for more information.