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City of Hillsboro Published: 27/3/2019
Hillsboro, Oregon
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The Water Director provides leadership and management oversight of a municipal water department that operates at a metropolitan scale from a suburban environment, with responsibility for both local water distribution and regional water supply.

The position of Water Director of the Hillsboro Water Department requires an experienced manager with collaborative leadership skills to continue the evolution of the Water Department as a highly effective municipal and regional water supply system, and as an Oregon leader in water system management. The ideal candidate will have the ability to effectively manage a large organization with five divisions that have diverse functional responsibilities, to oversee operations at multiple sites, and to work effectively with partners, both as a manager of partnership entities and as a member entity of partnerships managed by others. The City also places a high priority on public outreach and transparency in decision making.

The Director needs to bring an understanding of the technical, operational, political, and regulatory challenges confronting a water utility. This position requires an understanding of all aspects of municipal infrastructure finance. The Director oversees funding and delivery of a $520,000,000 10-year CIP, requiring strong understanding of debt vehicles capable of meeting the capital funding needs. Since the Water Department operates as an enterprise fund, the Director also needs a strong understanding of water rates and charges and how to maintain affordability for its customers.

The Director needs to be able to relate well with employees throughout the Department, and also to nurture relationships with staff and elected officials at partner agencies and at other local governments in the region. The ability to communicate effectively with multiple audiences, both as a speaker and in writing, is critical. The Department will continue to evolve to improve its performance internally and also to adapt as the expansion of Joint Water Commission facilities and the addition of Willamette Water Supply System demand greater sophistication from the organization. It will be critical that this individual has the ability to think strategically, and to be an effective change manager while implementing the changes to the organization and to the systems that will be needed to achieve those strategic visions.

The successful candidate has a combination of skills and education that enables success in the role of Water Director. A typical way to achieve this is a Bachelor’s degree in a related field and at least 10 years of experience in senior management of a municipal water utility, or an equivalent combination of education and municipal utility experience with responsibility for management of administration, financial, operations, design, regulatory, or policy affairs.

Hiring a workforce that reflects the diverse community we serve is essential to delivering exceptional City services and programs. The City of Hillsboro is committed to creating and supporting an inclusive and welcoming environment for all employees to thrive. We value, respect, and empower employees as unique individuals with authentic voices and diverse ideas.

All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply no later than 5:00 pm Friday, April 19, 2019.

Cover letters expressing your interest in the position and how you would succeed in the role should be addressed to Katie Jensen. Please submit your cover letter and resume via email to katie.jensen@hillsboro-oregon.gov no later than the closing date and time.

For a full job description please visit: Hillsboro-oregon.gov/jobs