Water Circuit Rider with the Idaho Rural Water Association

Idaho Rural Water Association Published: 8/1/2019
Boise, Idaho
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Water Circuit Rider Position Description

Purpose of Position
Protect the nation’s multi-billion dollar investment in rural and small municipal drinking water systems by providing on-site technical assistance that assures cost-effective operations and adequate income for both operations and debt service within each state/jurisdiction.
Specific Responsibilities
• Travels extensively throughout the state to offer on-site technical assistance to drinking water systems.
• Provides assistance in all areas of operations, maintenance, management, health and environmental issues.
• Provides the type of on-site assistance that offers “training" rather than "fixing".
• Attends National Rural Water Assoc. (NRWA) sponsored training programs to obtain skills to transfer technical knowledge to the drinking water system personnel and its governing body.
• Reads and disseminates new technical standards set and proposed by public and private organizations.
• Develops informational and educational articles for dissemination.
• Responds to inquiries from drinking water systems, consumers, governmental agencies, and others regarding technical matters in a timely manner.
• Obtains a minimum of 30 on-site drinking water “contacts” or one hour on-site visits per month with at least 3 of the 30 contacts with drinking water systems not previously visited in the last three months.
• On-site assistance and training must geographically represent the state during the program period.
• Visits the appropriate USDA Rural Development Officials at least once per month.
• Accurately completes and submits the required reporting in a timely fashion.
• Other duties as requested.

Internal Relationships
The Water Circuit Rider works closely with the CEO and other State Association personnel as needed. The Water Circuit Rider works closely with and communicates with the Project Manager of the Drinking Water Program in the NRWA office.
External Relationships
The Water Circuit Rider has frequent contact with system personnel, government personnel, elected officials, industry representatives and technical organizations. The Water Circuit Rider visits with USDA Rural Development Officials monthly. All contacts must be treated with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.

Employment Requirements
• Multi-year employment required (no less than 5 years experience) in working for, operating, maintaining or managing a rural / community water system.
• Technical knowledge of operating, maintaining, and managing a drinking water system.
• An understanding of basic budgeting and finance issues facing drinking water systems and program management.
• Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, with operation specialists, decision makers, regulatory agencies and other professionals.
• Ability to identify, locate and explain drinking water problems to field personnel and decision makers.
• Knowledge and understanding of regulations, monitoring and reporting requirements.
• Self-motivated with the ability to work independently to complete projects on time without daily supervision.
• Ability to prioritize requests to ensure those requests with serious health or economic problems are resolved first.
• Willingness to travel extensively. At least two trips out of state annually.
• Written approval of the NRWA Administrator prior to employment.
• No less than Level II water distribution and/or water treatment licensure in good standing is preferred.
Upon Approval
• Written notification of effective date of employment.
• Written biography in third person format to be used in agency reporting.
• Water Circuit Rider will attend NRWA-sponsored orientation sessions as a part of in-service training.
Employment Details
The Water Circuit Rider is a full-time non-exempt position. Hours will be flexible from time to time but generally requires a minimum of 40 hours per week. The salary range is $44,000 to $48,500 annually, depending on experience and licensure. A generous benefit package includes health, life and disability insurance after one month of employment as well as vacation and sick days beginning immediately. Participation in the 401k plan is allowed after one year employment.

If interested, please send your resume to: sroberts@idahoruralwater.com 

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