Pre-Conference Workshops

The Wednesday April 29th Pre-Conference Seminars are longer more in-depth presentations than you will find Thursday and Friday. Some pre-cons are full day others are half day, allowing attendees to change sessions after lunch. (There is an additional fee for Wednesday pre-con sessions as they are not included in the full conference registration fee.)


  • Disinfection & PFAS Treatment and Treatment Plant Tour (full day seminar)
    The morning classroom session will focus on disinfection and PFAS treatment and technologies, and will include an overview of the treatment plant scheduled for the afternoon tour. After lunch, participants will depart by bus to tour the Airway Height PFAS facility.
  • Engineering – Shaken, Not Stirred (two 3-hour seminars)
    The morning session will focus on earthquake-resistant piping, including PVC, butt-fusion joint PVC, and earthquake resistant ductile iron pipe (ERDIP). Also covered are resiliency for critical water system components and minimum codes.
    The afternoon session will showcase lessons learned, case studies and preparation. Topics include the Tohoku 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Willamette Water Supply Program Riverbank seismic improvements, the City of Newport water supply, the ShakeAlert early warning system, and a cloud-computing assessment of the City of Bellevue’s water system seismic vulnerability.
  • Distribution (two 3-hour seminars)
    The morning session will cover topics related to modeling and system management. Topics covered include minimizing apparent losses, reconfiguring a pump station and distribution system operations, raising pressure in a zone, building a unidirectional flushing program, and using integrated pressure and temperature sensors to manage a water system more efficiently.
    The afternoon session will focus on SCADA and cybersecurity. Topics covered include an introduction to SCADA cybersecurity, an update on research into utilizing smart water networks to manage pressure and flow for reductions in water loss and pipe breaks, and a case study of advanced analytics at Rainier View Water Company.
  • Groundwater Supply Management: Basic Concepts and Practical Examples from a Regional Sole-
    Source Aquifer (full-day seminar)

    The morning session will offer basics on hydrology, beginning with an overview of the Spokane Valley – Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer. Resource management of this aquifer will also be covered, as will resiliency and local and regional groundwater protection. The afternoon will cover regional water conservation, and conclude with a visit to the Upriver Facility and Electric Well Station.