Pre-Conference Workshops

Wednesday May 1, 2019 Pre-Conference Seminars  (there is an additional fee for Wednesday sessions they are not included in the full conference registration fee)


  • Using Excel to Perform Functions and Calculations for the Drinking Water Industry (full day seminar)This day long workshop will provide participants with a fundamental understanding of how formulas and functions are applied in the drinking water industry. The focus will be on how to build tools to solve problems and record data in Engineering/Planning, Distribution, and Treatment.This workshop will demonstrate methods for building calculators needed to operate a modern utility. Examples of calculators discussed include Pipe Sizing, Fire Flow, Analyzing SCADA Data, Water Auditing, Project Budgeting, Water Quality Sampling, Asset Management, Customer Information Tracking. This session is formatted in such a way that participants will leave being able to not only perform complex analytic processes, but to teach those skills to co-workers as well.  Approved for Idaho Wastewater CEUs. 

    Requirement:  Participants must provide their own laptops equipped with the Microsoft Excel application.  Class size will be limited.


  • Groundwater Treatment and Treatment Plant Tour (full day seminar)The morning classroom session will focus on groundwater treatment and technologies, and will include overviews of the treatment plants scheduled for the afternoon tour.   After lunch, participants will depart by bus to tour the Vancouver Water Station No. 1 and the Carol Curtis Water Treatment plant.


  • Engineering (two 3-hour seminars)The morning session will focus on utilizing advanced engineering tools to increase value and improve delivery.  Topics include energy efficiency, grants, knowledge development and transfer, simulating treatment plant operation, and leveraging building information modeling (BIM).The afternoon session will showcase lessons learned from various projects, including pump stations, treatment plants, and reservoirs.  It will close with a presentation on balancing safety, process performance, and costs during design, construction and operations.


  • Distribution (two 3-hour seminars)The morning session will cover topics related to efficiency and water loss control.  Topics covered include consolidating system assets, results of the Water State Water Audit pilot, and technologies and strategies for reducing non-revenue real and apparent losses.The afternoon session will focus on modeling and planning.  Topics covered include ensuring efficient data collection and distribution during maintenance, lessons learned for improving sanitary protection, meeting industrial water demands, adding capacity without bigger pipes, using GIS and hydraulic modeling, and combining two water systems into one.


  • Train-the-Trainer (two 3-hour seminars)The Pacific Northwest Section provides Trainings-in-a-Box to its subsections and committees.  These CEU-approved training sessions contain pre-packaged materials and lesson plans, and are delivered by trained instructors.  These Train-the-Trainer seminars will teach the participants how to teach the classes.  The morning seminar will cover Math for Operators.  The afternoon session will cover Reading Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs).  Approved for Idaho wastewater CEUs.




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